The Patient Advocate’s Handbook

300 Questions And Answers

To Help You Care For Your Loved One

At the Hospital And At Home
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The Patient Advocate's Handbook is available on Amazon

James Thomas Williams

James Thomas Williams

I wrote The Patient Advocate's Handbook, a content rich, easy to use, quick reference patient advocacy book to offer you, a patient advocate, concise explanations, options and suggestions, so you can cope with many of the unfamiliar, but common healthcare issues most patient advocates and their families face at the hospital and at home.

This patient advocate book discusses common situations created by illness and recovery to offer relevant information when you need it, so your increased familiarity with healthcare issues as an informed patient advocate will lead to better results for your loved one. Keep this handbook with you to optimize the hospital stay and to have a more effective experience as an advocate and caregiver for your loved one's healthcare at the hospital and at home.

This patient advocate book is highly useful for advocates who have to deal with one or more of the following:

  • A hospital stay

  • Coming home from the hospital

  • Home care medical equipment and supplies

  • Managing healthcare at home

  • Supplemental oxygen equipment at home

  • Antibiotics at home

  • Tube feeding at home

  • Medicare, insurance and billing issues


The Patient Advocate's Handbook Excerpts




Chapter 1 At The Hospital

Chapter 2 Before Leaving The Hospital: Questions To Ask Doctors And Nurses

Chapter 3 Before Leaving The Hospital: Arranging Visiting Nurses And Therapists

Chapter 4 Before Leaving The Hospital: Arranging Home Healthcare Equipment And Supplies

Chapter 5 Extra Equipment At Home

Chapter 6 Staying Organized At Home

Chapter 7 Oxygen Equipment And Respiratory Issues

Chapter 8 Suction Machines And Equipment Troubleshooting

Chapter 9 Antibiotics And Infection Prevention

Chapter 10 Tube Feeding Issues And Tips

Chapter 11 Original Medicare, Private Insurance And Billing Issues


Top healthcare professionals who recommend

The Patient Advocate's Handbook

I am confident that this book will be an invaluable reference and resource for families and caregivers. Perhaps more importantly, I know it will provide a measure of reassurance to those facing seemingly insurmountable health challenges that they are not powerless – and they certainly are not alone.”

Jon Kobashigawa MD
Clinical Professor of Medicine
The David Geffen School of Medicine
University of California at Los Angeles
Director, Center for Advanced Heart Disease
Director, Heart Transplant Program
Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute

Kudos for an outstanding book to inform patient advocates confronted with a dizzying and perplexing array of issues within our current health system. It is a very good idea and much needed.”

Elias Zerhouni MD
Former Director, National Institutes of Health
Bethesda, Maryland

Outstanding! I found the information to be very credible, easy to read and very informative. It will help countless families as they care for their loved ones.”

David T. Feinberg MD MBA
CEO UCLA Hospital System
Associate Vice Chancellor

A rare compendium crafted with care and compassion.  An essential guide to navigating the complexities of home care.”

Peter C. Whybrow MD
Director, Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior
Judson Braun Distinguished Professor and Executive Chair
Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences at the
David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
Physician-In-Chief, Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital

The suggestions on working with hospital inpatient staff, coordinating homecare and understanding the complexities of Medicare and private insurance make for excellent content. The short question and succinct declarative answer format makes it easy for someone to scan the book for a topic of interest.”

Thomas Strouse MD
Medical Director
Stewart and Lynda Resnick
Neuropsychiatric Hospital at UCLA
Professor of Clinical Psychiatry
David Geffen-UCLA School of Medicine

This is a very valuable resource for patients’ families that will bring practical guidance and peace of mind to them.”

Laurence Marton MD
Former Dean of the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine

I like the question/answer format. It's very accessible and easy to follow and is a breakthrough in a "user's guide" in the medical area.”

Mary Woolley PhD
President, Research!America
Alexandria, VA

The Patient Advocate's Handbook is available on Amazon



Panglossian Press

302 pages ~ Index 

ISBN 978-0-9842825-0-0 LCCN 2009943230


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